My 3.5 year old daughter would burst into tears when she could not see me in dance class and she had major socialization challenges. I read about the retained reflexes and felt she could have a retained Fear/Paralysis Reflex. After having Wendy do assessments and an initial session for my whole family, including my Dad, my younger daughter is a completely different child. She's sociable, she has a twinkle in her eye and is happy so much of the time. I'm looking forward to taking the training to become a Rhythmic Movement Training Int'l Provider - we need to get this wonderful work out into the world.

Mom, New Westminster, BC

I am a 40 year old woman with restless leg syndrome. I have been using some RMT movements for almost a month and have noticed an amazing transformation! I have tried medications and have seen several doctors about this, but no one had a solution until now!!! I am able to sleep through the whole night and my restless leg syndrome is completely gone. Each night before I go to bed I do the RMT exercises. Thank you so much for giving me back my sleep!

M Luliano – Ontario Canada – May 2015

The changes in my son were immediate and profound. After the very first RMT session of approximately 2 minutes of RMT my son slept soundly through the night with no cry-outs and woke up easily and happily for the very first time! I am proud to have been able to give my son some simple and fun tools (which are easily implemented into a busy daily routine) to be able to face his future with confidence and joy.

L.S. – Ontario Canada – April 2015