The RMT Intensive 2014, in Houston, Texas, was the most enriching "Intensive" or professional "Update" class I've ever taken in my 22 years of working in the field of specialized kinesiology. Having just reviewed RMTi-3 and Face the Fear in February and been thrilled by the new depth of noticing I'd gained from those classes, I was amazed that one could go even deeper by mid-March! I grew and learned so much on so many levels...

- from Moira, I had 5 days of reinforcing the language that draws out the innate knowledge from the client and, of course, the complete respect for and recognition of where the client is now and how to elicit the courage for them to attempt a next step - you're magical at this Moira! ;

- from my classmates, there was an immense camaraderie for how to spread the word about RMT, as well as a strong synergy in the sharing of our personal and professional experiences, practical information such as marketing and assessment forms which will go out to our greater RMTi community, and the creation of new ways to "do" Rhythmic Movements - including a new movement created a 9 year old girl! Thank you, all, for modeling "play" so beautifully and so safely for me.

- from one of the students at Lauren's school, we learned so much about the Fear/Paralysis Reflex - both from the student and from Thad and Lauren who worked with the student. This was an unforgettable experience - my love to all 3 of you for sharing so generously of yourselves, your time and your talents!

- and on breaks, I learned so much in just chatting with other class participants.

...and everyone seemed to be able and willing to go deeper into their experience of Rhythmic Movements as each participant took their turn demonstrating and/or receiving the various movements. So, it was not just a new depth of learning that I experienced, it was a huge level of growth, both personally and professionally, as well.

I would highly recommend attending the Intensives to anyone and matter what your level of experience of RMT. We had quite a few participants who had just completed their RMT 1&2 a month prior to the Intensive and they offered such richness to the class...because everyone brought their own experience of life, work and play. I feel so blessed to have been in a class where everyone felt safe to learn in their own style and where respect for both the individual and the class was so beautifully modeled by one and all. Thank you, Moira, from the bottom of my heart, for making this happen! Thank you to Lauren for providing such a wonderful space and such a nurturing environment for the RMT for SR Teacher Training and the RMT Intensive.

Wendy Humphreys Tebbutt Vancouver BC Canada Sunshine Coast BC Canada 2014