“It (the class) was very informative and movement based which made it very interesting. I didn’t ‘Zone Out’ like you do in typical courses from sitting for hours on end.”

J. P. (OH-USA)(RMT 1 & 2, October 2014)

RMT is subtle, simple and vastly profound. I appreciated the stories of your own experiences with the work and also the video clips of the babies. . . Very helpful for anchoring the info. . . Tons of great stuff which I will use immediately – including teaching techniques. Carolyn’s modeling of the gentle, respectful approach . . .

R.K. (MI-USA) (RMT 1 & 2 in Michigan)

“RMT brings your level of awareness about movements, reflexes and impairments into a new light and new way of thinking - truly amazing! Fantastic course!

A.Z. (NY-USA) (RMT 1 & 2, October 2013)

Wonderful Winter weekend filled with Laughter, Learning and Great Snacks. How awesome this info is!! And “Others” will understand the body after these trainings.

C. B. (CO-USA) RMT 1&2, November 2015

This is the first training course that I left energized. . not drained. Liked best – Everything – all the personal touches, Carolyn’s stories, how we began and ended and intentions. Course surpassed expectations.

B.B. (MI-USA) (RMT 1 & 2 in Michigan)

RMT provided tools/movement that can be easily used in all-settings. Strategies that are gentle and motivating. (The class was) taught in an easy & effective way that can be learned and used easily.

J. G. G. (CO-USA) RMT1&2, April 2015