Though so simple, the rhythmical movements have a profound effect.

EC – Eversham Worcs UK March 2015

Delighted to take Level II Training with Janice. Well present 2 days - Very powerful information. We need to get this information out to more people.

AD – Hertfordshire UK – RMT 2 - April 2015

I very good course with lots to learn and think about. Lots about the emotions and how they are all linked and the effect on behaviours.

The testing for FPR was enlightening and to see the results was uplifting. I am truly seeing the differences in myself since starting RMT movements personally.

AR – United Kingdom – March 2015

Techniques learned are easy to incorporate into any therapy session w/any client. . .Made sense.

Jill (OT) (CO-USA) RMT 2, April 2015)