I have had a lot of work done over the years and the only 2 sessions that made a world of difference (and held) was yours and one with WL. They both related to fear. Wayne helped release a long held fear pattern held in my muscles with NOT which helped significantly with my pain. And after your session I started to complete some things much easier and had more flexibility which has held!!

What you do is profound (and your intuition played a big role for me - it is a gift) and I feel very privileged to have had that session with you which I have no doubt already mentioned

After 30 years on and off of therapy to 'fix' myself I have finally come to understand there is nothing 'wrong' with me other than I don’t feel safe! And if I don't feel safe (and until that is addressed) nothing or very little will hold which of course has been the case. As a consequence I am in constant ‘flight or fight’ and haven’t felt ‘safe’ to move on and use any modalities I have learnt like your course, kinergetics or eft outside of my massage.
Now with this new awareness I am keen to work with what works. I can now see the real possibility of feeling safe and expanding! 

Cat Ryon – Tasmania Australia – 2015
Client of Moira Dempsey Australia