I have a young man, age 14. He is a small, petite, very dirty and always full of head lice. His mom and dad are divorcing, and they are not entirely focused on the outward expressions of distress such as his stench and filth other than him getting into trouble, doing drugs, fighting, and failing school.

This kiddo is living with dad but mom brings him to see me. We have been doing RMT and Low Energy Neurofeedback which so far has helped him progress in school, be less explosive, and no longer having suicidal ideation.

It dawned on me that mom is not having physical contact with him, and most likely dad is not either. Last session, I observed while mom did RMT on him, and then gave instructions and observed her do the isometric bonding. He started crying. Wow.

Christine Durfee LPC Child and family mental health therapist Oregon USA (May 2015)