When my 8 year old son began his RMT, he was having a very difficult year at school. He manifested the following:

Inattentiveness- easily being startled (jumpy)- poor fine and gross motor skills- lack of confidence - lack of co-ordination (clumsy)- an inability to sleep long or deeply- a dislike/fear of loud or noisy spaces- though a gentle and sensitive child he became aggressive and lashed out if someone knocked into him or shouted near him-he would be devastated if he dropped something.

His inability to be still and sleep deeply or for long periods have been present since birth. After beginning the exercises I noticed that he went to sleep more restfully and deeply. He became generally less anxious and more tolerant of noises and disorder in the environment around him…

…his fine motor skills improved so did his balance, left and right orientation and special awareness…

…It has significantly improved not just what my son is able to achieve but how he feels about himself. It has made his everyday life easier and happier and has widened his abilities and altered his perception of himself.

Academically his progress is significant….

RMT client, England (Client of Rachel Watson-RMT Provider (UK)