It is expected that RMTi Instructors conduct themselves in accordance with the highest professional standards. This includes:

  • Treating all learners with respect and providing an environment conducive to answering Learners questions, open discussion and experiential learning.
  • Teaching without discriminating against any individual on the basis of ability, gender, age, sexual orientation, socio-economics, ethnic, racial or religious background.
  • Creating a supportive learning environment by assuring that Learners treat one another with respect and addressing any issues if they arise to maintain a safe and courteous learning environment
  • Securing a training location that is comfortable, clean, fully accessible (as covered by various government Acts) and wherever possible fragrance free and with natural light.
  • Answer questions to the best of their ability, acknowledge when questions need follow up or further investigation.
  • Maintain Learner confidentiality.
  • Being full prepared for teaching all courses, with sufficient manuals and resources being provided.