The RMTi policy we recommend to our Instructors is that partial credit can be awarded at the discretion of the individual instructor.

The criteria to take into consideration for the awarding of partial credit include:

  • late arrival;
  • early departure; or,
  • any other missed portion of the Learning activity.

The Instructor will take into account the duration of the attendee’s absence and whether the portion they missed diminished the educational value of the course.

In countries where it is necessary, such as the USA, we track student attendance through the use of sign-in and sign-out sheets.

A Certificate of Participation is issued to attendees based on actual hours. The certificate also records the unit/credit points awarded for participation dependent on the hours of attendance.

RMTi also recommends to Instructors to consider the possibility of offering to let students make up the missed hours via Skype (or similar means). A fee can be charged for this training.