Gaynor Ralls

RMTi Licensed Consultant
RMTi Licensed Instructor
RMTi Licensed Observer Faculty
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Woking, England
United Kingdom (UK)
Language(s): English

Gaynor Ralls

  • RMT for School Readiness
  • RMTi One - Focus, Organisation & Comprehension
  • RMTi Two - Emotions, Memory & Behavior
  • Rhythm, Movement and Play - A One Day Introduction to RMTI
  • RMTi Making Connections
  • RMTi Three - Reading and Writing
  • Face the Fear
  • RMTi Three (Reading & Writing) Instructor Training

I am an experienced teacher, who has always had a passion for bringing out the best in my students. Now, I combines my years of teaching experience with RMT, to investigate the possible roots of difficulties and work with them from the foundation, upwards.

Having personally encountered and experienced the profound effectiveness of RMT for my son, I have trained in RMT. As a result, I have begun to develop new knowledge, understanding and tools to help students on the road to realizing their true capabilities. Working on our natural building blocks, just makes complete sense, and has answered many questions I have had as an educational practitioner.
I am delighted to be able to offer RMT to clients and continue to support them towards attaining their personal goals. She works with children and adults, alike, in her busy private practice.

"I have twenty years teaching experience, working with children from the age of 4 years, up to the age of 12 years. I am qualified to teach the whole of the primary spectrum. I came to RMT, through seeing it being used on my own son, in conjunction with occupational therapy, and was fascinated by how it worked. It has taught me so much more about how the brain develops, how learning develops and the way everything is intrinsically connected. I now look at pupils through new eyes, and I am looking forward to being able to help people better themselves, through the work of RMT."

I am thrilled to be able to add teaching people about RMT, to my portfolio, and look forward to sharing my passion for reflex integration, with others.

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