Essentials of RMTi Course - ONLINE

Do you want to learn about reflexes, as well as 5 movements? This course is an introduction to RMTi and highlights the essentials of our program to give you a taste of RMTi and Primitive Reflex integration. In order to meet the requirements for this course, you will need to complete the course on theory and movements and participate in one Virtual Instructor Contact session to demonstrate your learning.  - .4 CEU Credits - 


        • Complete Essential Course - Theory Only
        • Complete Essentials Course - Movements
        • Complete Instructor Contact - Virtual

You will learn:

        • What is RMTi?
        • What are reflexes and why are they important?
        • What types of behaviors are commonly associated with retained reflexes?
        • What do babies teach us about movement and reflex integration?
        • What passive and active Rhythmic Movements can be used to begin integrating reflexes? 

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