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Welcome to RMTi

Rhythmic Movement Training is a movement based, primitive (infant or neo-natal) reflex integration program that uses developmental movements, gentle isometric pressure and self-awareness to rebuild the foundations necessary to help overcome learning, sensory, emotional and behavioural challenges for children and adults.

RMTi is a nonprofit organization that provides professional training & licensing and offers a worldwide network of instructors & consultants to the community.


What People are Saying...

  • I work in a special school in Milton Keynes, which caters for pupils from infants through to 25 with ASD and other learning difficulties. At present the programme is based within my class, however from September I will be using the programme around the school on a 1:1 and small group basis due to the benefits and progress we have seen with the pupils in my class.

    Firstly, let me describe those I have been using it with, my class is a very boisterous, argumentative,

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  • Another RMT story, I assessed a 5 1/2 year old girl in October, she showed as having several reflexes on, namely ATNR, STNR, TLR, Spinal Galant, Landau, Babkin, and Moro. Functionally she scored just in the low average range on the Beery VMI, average for the Visual Perceptual subtest and very low for the Motor Coordination subtest (likely also due to her very limited attention and rushing through the activity!). It took her about 15 minutes or so to draw a picture of herself (I'm

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  • I started applying RMTi with Jyun Jie in September 2014. He was a hyperactive child, who had difficulties focusing and getting to sleep. It was a challenge getting him to lie down for me to do all the passive movements. Therefore I started doing 5 minutes of movements with him every day. And by December he became much more cooperative and started to allow me to do most of the movements for at least 10 minutes. Today he enjoys the passive movements and I have

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  • …My son…we had noticed a dip in his confidence and self-esteem, and some limiting beliefs creep into his language…

    ..he got frustrated when having to write, and Literacy homework was an awful and stressful battle for us all! He had plenty to say, knew the answers but transferring them to paper was tricky for him. A ten minute exercise could take 2 hours…

    His handwriting was also an area that he struggled with…

    We began the gentle and relaxing exercises... Not only were they helping

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  • Handwriting Changes A delighted parent brought these samples of hand writing in for me to see. The first one is from my client, before they found RMT (Sept). The second one is two weeks after his first session. The third one is two weeks after his second session. He has gone up 2 sub levels in his writing in three months, nearly two sub levels in his maths and one sub level in his reading - just with RMT. Over the moon.


    Gaynor Ralls – RMTi Provider UK

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  • These are the changes I have found in my son Jack since starting to use Rhythmic Movements with him. At the present time Jack has now achieved pretend play, can tell me how he feels, can play with other children without hurting them, has stopped grinding his teeth, sucking his shirt and chewing bottle caps, and no longer wets the bed. His fine motor skills (i.e. handwriting) have improved amazingly and continue to improve week by week even though we have completed the specific RMT

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  • 1) I have had stunning results with ATNR this week with some of my regular customers, amazing calming softening changes in super-hyper children (7-12 yrs) with the gentle activations. Mothers are speechless at the relaxation that has descended - and we've seen good shifts before -........ I'm really, really surprised......and delighted of course. Wonderful start to their holidays.

    2) I saw a wonderful thing happen with the passive feet movements this week with a 12yr old nonverbal autistic boy.... his mouth is always very 'tight', top teeth

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  • "Rhythmic movement has a been a great technique to add to my therapy with pediatric clients, I have seen quick and significant improvement in coordination and balance skills with children development coordination disorders, improved behavior and transitions with children with Autism, and parents report improved sleep patterns and more sedentary behaviors in children with hyperactivity disorders, the best thing is, is that the children really like doing the exercises."

    Jacqueline Watson, Occupational Therapist, Bellevue WA USA

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  • RMT movements have always been a staple in the menu of tools I use successfully with my clients since 2004.

    A 5 year old boy was diagnosed with mild autism with ADHD 2 years ago and I started seeing him in November 2014. He was a hurricane when I first saw him...erratic movements, highly unorganized, unfocused, grabbed anything he saw and tore the few play items I had hanging on my metal cabinet. He would only be cooperative when he's 'motivated' with chocolates and sweets,

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  • "I'm so thankful there are people like Clare in the world who have sought answers for our children where few dare to look. I deliberated for a year or so about whether my nearly 5 year old's emotional and social development was normal or whether I should have her assessed by someone. She flew under the 'shy' radar at kindy. I took her to a Foundational Skills Screening with Clare and discovered she had a cluster of retained primitive reflexes that were likely the underlying

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  • When my 8 year old son began his RMT, he was having a very difficult year at school. He manifested the following:

    Inattentiveness- easily being startled (jumpy)- poor fine and gross motor skills- lack of confidence - lack of co-ordination (clumsy)- an inability to sleep long or deeply- a dislike/fear of loud or noisy spaces- though a gentle and sensitive child he became aggressive and lashed out if someone knocked into him or shouted near him-he would be devastated if he dropped something.

    His inability to

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  • …I have seen my son become more confident, less anxious and much happier since he began using RMT…

    RMT client, England Client of Rachel Watson-RMTi Consultant (UK) 


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  • Have you ever known a child who has struggled with school/separation anxiety? As parents, of a child who has experienced paralyzing separation anxiety from an early age; we have sought out professional guidance and utilized numerous intervention strategies in attempt to help our child overcome this unwelcome anxiety. 

    There have been strategies that have helped, on some levels. Yet, none have negated our child’s fear-based anxiety response. This was, until we were blessed by a string of divine connections, which led us to Rhythmic Movement

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  • "RMT is the most effective tool for improving sensory integration that I've used during my 15 years of practice as a pediatric occupational therapist. Improvements in emotional regulation & motor coordination are noticeable after only 5 minutes of RMT in majority of the clients I treat. RMT is also the only sensory integration intervention I've used that immediately helps with sleep issues."

    Lynda Steed, OTR/L

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  • I have a young man, age 14. He is a small, petite, very dirty and always full of head lice. His mom and dad are divorcing, and they are not entirely focused on the outward expressions of distress such as his stench and filth other than him getting into trouble, doing drugs, fighting, and failing school.

    This kiddo is living with dad but mom brings him to see me. We have been doing RMT and Low Energy Neurofeedback which so far has helped him progress

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  • I am a Brain Gym Consultant and for the past six years I have contracted to elementary schools and daycares in southern British Columbia, Canada. I was surprised and awed with the children’s acceptance of Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT). In some schools I have large case loads, limited time, and perceive a lot of children in survival mode. I find the RMT work is easy and simple to introduce to the children. I also see a dedicated willingness from the children to do the movements

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  • More success here in Canada with bedwetting issues and the exercises for Spinal Galant integration. Five passives, snow angels, pre-birth activities (particularly the lower body ones),side-lying isometrics in 4 planes, and lots of dancing the twist and proprioceptive games like wheelbarrow, crab walk, etc... Parents are noting changes in only a few weeks’ time, specifically those kids who are not aware they are wet at night and some kids are getting up to go to the bathroom rather than soiling the bed. Had to share!

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  • Charlotte

    My daughter, Charlotte, has a genetic disorder called Insertion/ Deletion/Inversion of Chromosome 8. This condition results in global developmental delays. She has worked with multiple therapists since she was 18 months old and continues to work with the therapists at her school.

    Charlotte's progress has always fluctuated. It will spike and she will have a rapid increase across the board and then we will see little or no progress for what seems to be a long time.

    Since she's been going to ECC and

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  • Olivia

    In 2014 I worked over a 9 month period with a young girl who was referred to me by her primary school, where I had done some training sessions for parents on the importance of movement for brain development and learning.

    Olivia (not her real name) had developmental delay, with a maturity level much less than her chrono

    logical age. In class, she was unable to concentrate and had few friends. Here learning was also well below average for her age. She had a

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  • I just wanted to thank you for your efforts in this area and give you some feedback on how it has helped our family. We started movements on our son and daughter as soon as I returned home to California. They love it and ask for it almost every day. We are already starting to see some results in our son who was brain damaged as an infant. His memory and his confidence is increasing and the movements have a calming effect on him not

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  • I am a 40 year old woman with restless leg syndrome. I have been using some RMT movements for almost a month and have noticed an amazing transformation! I have tried medications and have seen several doctors about this, but no one had a solution until now!!! I am able to sleep through the whole night and my restless leg syndrome is completely gone. Each night before I go to bed I do the RMT exercises. Thank you so much for giving me back my

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  • …girl with Autism......Her mother also has suffered from Fibro, and I started her with MORO once a week when I started Dennis. Her husband lost his job, she has a traumatic time parenting her RAD autistic child, and has recently had to go to work after not working for over 10 years. She no longer has fibro pain! We skipped one week of doing MORO and she stated that a "few fibro twinges came back, but that was all"! 

    Christine Durfee LPC
    Child and family

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  • And how can I communicate and not share a "husband Dennis" story? Well, his neck and shoulders are very tight, and he is often sore. I will do the stripping of Achilles and the Navel Radiation on him and he is good to go for a couple of days! He gets so excited about this that he is now wanting to take his Blood Pressure before and after those activities, not just the MORO.

    Christine Durfee LPC
    Child and family mental health therapist
    Oregon USA

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  • After attending Level 1 and 2 Rhythmic Movement Workshop in Melbourne, I started using it on all my clients, at the beginning of every session.

    The movements I have done with my clients are basically the passive movements for the brain stem. It has had a most profound effect on every client, giving easy depth of access. It feels as though the brain stem relaxes and lets go of survival strategies, giving unimpeded access in a very relaxed and open way. They feel nurtured and

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  • Last year I was diagnosed with MS. I'd always been an anxious person, but following the diagnosis I struggled to cope. I lost confidence in my work abilities, and couldn't find comfort in anything…

    Rachel suggested that we try EFT to help me deal with my feelings.

    When things had settled down Rachel suggested that I try some RMT. I was given a series of exercises to do, focusing on the Fear Paralysis Reflex. I found the exercises really beneficial, and in a few weeks

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  • I recently learning some of the RMT movements related to anxiety and I have found that they were highly effective instantaneously. These are simple and take only a few minutes of your time. My life has greatly improved because of my new knowledge, thank you!

    S.H. – Ontario Canada

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  • A new family has arrived, just started two weeks ago. Mom is pregnant, and she arrives with a 10 month old, a 2 1/2 year old, 4 year old with sensory issues, vision problems, and explosiveness. 7 year old girl with sensory issues and ADHD tendencies, and the oldest is 9 with explosive behaviors. I am spending two hours a week with the family minus dad at this time. I have started the family on a RMT schedule along with Face the fear activities. Mom

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  • I started RMT with a lot of kids at our centre- lots of differences but will like to share the story of a 74 year old person. He was depressed and had difficulties with memory retrieval. He could not even remember what he ate for breakfast 2 minutes after eating. Was disoriented with days and dates- rather completely unaware. I started him with rhythmic movements two months back and coupled that with diary writing of what he did for the full day - writing it everytime

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  • My 78 year old uncle was profoundly affected in a very positive way by using RMT. He suffered from Parkinson's Disease and was rapidly declining. He was losing his ability to get his legs into a car and was using a walker, even in the house. After 3-4 months of RMT, he was riding in cars and getting in and out without assistance. He not only stopped using the walker, but was able to climb stairs. RMT drastically improved the quality of his life and

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  • I have had a lot of work done over the years and the only 2 sessions that made a world of difference (and held) was yours and one with WL. They both related to fear. Wayne helped release a long held fear pattern held in my muscles with NOT which helped significantly with my pain. And after your session I started to complete some things much easier and had more flexibility which has held!!

    What you do is profound (and your intuition played a big

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  • Great course! Helped me find the missing pieces as to why so many children have sensory issues and what I can do to help.

    L L. (OTR/L) (OH-USA) (RMT 1. February, 2015)

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  • Had a fabulous two day course on RMT - Level 1. Soooooo pleased I took time out to learn this skill - absolutely fascinating and quite remarkable. Janice who taught us is an amazing teacher.

    Shall definitely be back to do Level 2. 

    AD - UK (March 2015)

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  • Techniques learned are easy to incorporate into any therapy session w/any client. . .Made sense.

    Jill (OT) (CO-USA) RMT 2, April 2015)

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  • Delighted to take Level II Training with Janice. Well present 2 days - Very powerful information. We need to get this information out to more people.

    AD – Hertfordshire UK – RMT 2 - April 2015

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  • I very good course with lots to learn and think about. Lots about the emotions and how they are all linked and the effect on behaviours.

    The testing for FPR was enlightening and to see the results was uplifting. I am truly seeing the differences in myself since starting RMT movements personally.

    AR – United Kingdom – March 2015

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  • Though so simple, the rhythmical movements have a profound effect.

    EC – Eversham Worcs UK March 2015

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  • RMT provided tools/movement that can be easily used in all-settings. Strategies that are gentle and motivating. (The class was) taught in an easy & effective way that can be learned and used easily.

    J. G. G. (CO-USA) RMT1&2, April 2015

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  • Wonderful Winter weekend filled with Laughter, Learning and Great Snacks. How awesome this info is!! And “Others” will understand the body after these trainings.

    C. B. (CO-USA) RMT 1&2, November 2015

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  • RMT is subtle, simple and vastly profound. I appreciated the stories of your own experiences with the work and also the video clips of the babies. . . Very helpful for anchoring the info. . . Tons of great stuff which I will use immediately – including teaching techniques. Carolyn’s modeling of the gentle, respectful approach . . .

    R.K. (MI-USA) (RMT 1 & 2 in Michigan)

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  • This is the first training course that I left energized. . not drained. Liked best – Everything – all the personal touches, Carolyn’s stories, how we began and ended and intentions. Course surpassed expectations.

    B.B. (MI-USA) (RMT 1 & 2 in Michigan)

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  • “RMT brings your level of awareness about movements, reflexes and impairments into a new light and new way of thinking - truly amazing! Fantastic course!

    A.Z. (NY-USA) (RMT 1 & 2, October 2013)

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  • “It (the class) was very informative and movement based which made it very interesting. I didn’t ‘Zone Out’ like you do in typical courses from sitting for hours on end.”

    J. P. (OH-USA)(RMT 1 & 2, October 2014)

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  • . . . Speech therapists should be aware it is relevant to them, also. It is really helpful information about fine motor and handwriting skills.

    C.G. (OT) (CO-USA) (RMT 3 – April 2015)

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  • While I found the Face the Fear class fascinating from a practitioner's view point, as I read the section regarding the emotional impact of a retained suck reflex, I could see my need to become the client. With a mixed reaction of shocking, surprise, and shame, I recognized my preference to actively isolate myself from others. I am always aware of how free I feel when I am by myself.

    I volunteered to have Moira demonstrate integration of the suck reflex and I could instantly

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  • I also wanted to let you know how much the Face the Fear course has impacted my well-being and my practice. I feel such an increased confidence and enthusiasm for my work and feel that I am seeing how people are functioning from a very foundational level and therefore am able to meet them where they are, not just in therapy and not just in theory but in everyday life. The way I see it is that we all have our "normal" where we function

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  • "The intensive course was a great learning experience as I not only relearnt the movements but actually understood the purpose for each movement and its connection to one's brain and body.

    Furthermore, creating our own movements/activity further entrenched my understanding of each movement."

    S.B – Johor Malaysia 2014

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  • Thank you Moira for conducting a fabulous RMT Intensive Class in Kuala Lumpur recently. The group discussion and presentation on the primitive reflexes provided great insights and ideas in presenting the courses more interestingly and accurately. The most beneficial learning I had was to gather 'information' during the checking. No feedback, correction and adjustment of the body position are required during this process. Afterwhich, we are to meet the recipient at where they are and progressively move on to the exactness. This is most valuable

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  • I personally like the intensive programme very much. It made me understand about RMTi much better. Im so much more clearer on how the brain works and the flexibility of each movement. it clarifies some facts that I was doubtful before n definitely helps as a provider.

    Adeline Chai 2014 (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)

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  • The RMT intensive was like a language immersion course in postural reflexes. Now that I've taken this course, I can see patterns in others' posture with speed and accuracy. Everyday experiences can become learning opportunities for me as I notice active reflexes in people in waiting rooms, check-out lines, etc ... The course also gave me tools to build my own practice as a local provider, and to create a work-life balance that supports me in the long-term. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking

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  • Not only refresh the knowledge already learned, make more clear about the link between different brain areas. More understanding why those special education need children, autism, ADD/ADHD children have such behaviour and why RMT works. One of the best class I had attended.

    Victor Wong (Hong Kong) 2014

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  • The RMT Intensive 2014, in Houston, Texas, was the most enriching "Intensive" or professional "Update" class I've ever taken in my 22 years of working in the field of specialized kinesiology. Having just reviewed RMTi-3 and Face the Fear in February and been thrilled by the new depth of noticing I'd gained from those classes, I was amazed that one could go even deeper by mid-March! I grew and learned so much on so many levels...

    - from Moira, I had 5 days of reinforcing the

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  • The 4 day intensive class is a very informative course taught by Moira with great knowledge and passion. The new manuals are a fantastic reference. Thank you Moira for providing me with a very useful tool in my toolkit, when working with children with developmental, learning and behavioural challenges.

    Helma Dalton New Zealand 2014 Read More
  • I found the intensive class an eye opener for deeper, wider and clear understanding of basic brain theory, power of observations for Primitive Reflexes and their connections to efficient development and working towards Exact RMT Movements.

    Yes, you have my permission to use my comments with my initials for publicity purposes.

    P.S. Malaysia 2014

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  • I would highly recommend attending an RMT class to update and learn new ways of utilizing RMT techniques. In the three Intensives I have completed, each has provided a unique opportunity to learn and share ways of using RMT. Each one has been very profound for me both personally as well as professionally.

    Thad Trahan Houston, TX 2014 Read More
  • The class was amazing! I had taken 4 classes over the last 2 years and was using RMT daily with my caseload but I still felt that I did not have the "whole picture" of understanding how these reflexes work and act on one another. The Intensive class gave me a much better understanding of the whole picture and I think the teaching style of the class, where we as participants teach each other with your guidance, really made the difference. I still have lots

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  • The Intensive training have given me an opportunity to gain deeper understanding towards RMT. Classes are very interactive, it forces me to recalled and present my understanding of RMT in creative ways. My greatest discovery was the practicality of RMT, and the effectiveness of less is more!

    Foo Wan Ching (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) 2014

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  • As I have only attended RMT 1 & 2, RMT intensive sounded very intense of course and I wasn't sure that I could keep up, but I ended up learning quite a lot, and understood the human body as a whole better after the class, I especially loved the way you explain things in such a way that literally anyone can understand. I can't wait for RMT 3 in Kuching!

    Alanna (K.K. - Malaysia) 2014

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  • Moira, Thank you for the rhythmic movement course I attended. I gained much on many levels. It definitely highlighted for me the strong possibility I may be very much stuck in the Fear Paralysis. I feel so stuck in many areas of my life and have been unable to 'break' through. The movements have given me another avenue of hope.

    Cat Ryon – Tasmania Australia – May 2014

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  • I am a 40 year old woman with restless leg syndrome. I have been using some RMT movements for almost a month and have noticed an amazing transformation! I have tried medications and have seen several doctors about this, but no one had a solution until now!!! I am able to sleep through the whole night and my restless leg syndrome is completely gone. Each night before I go to bed I do the RMT exercises. Thank you so much for giving me back my

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  • The changes in my son were immediate and profound. After the very first RMT session of approximately 2 minutes of RMT my son slept soundly through the night with no cry-outs and woke up easily and happily for the very first time! I am proud to have been able to give my son some simple and fun tools (which are easily implemented into a busy daily routine) to be able to face his future with confidence and joy.

    L.S. – Ontario Canada – April 2015

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  • My 3.5 year old daughter would burst into tears when she could not see me in dance class and she had major socialization challenges. I read about the retained reflexes and felt she could have a retained Fear/Paralysis Reflex. After having Wendy do assessments and an initial session for my whole family, including my Dad, my younger daughter is a completely different child. She's sociable, she has a twinkle in her eye and is happy so much of the time. I'm looking forward to taking

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  • Really enjoyed the course. Look forward to the next modules

    CH – Hendon UK – March 2015

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  • I have recently attended RMT1 & RMT2 with Janice. I found that she is very thorough and knowledgeable in her subject area. She encouraged regular feedback during her teaching, and encouraged learners to develop their understanding. I also found that she demonstrated the movement techniques in a very competent manner, and gave positive feedback. Even though the course was intensive she demonstrated her enthusiasm, which I feel we all benefited from.

    I am now looking forward to developing my learning and I am looking forward

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  • A thoroughly rigorous and professionally delivered course. Just enough theory and plenty of 'hands on'. Janice, our trainer, demonstrated with clarity, ease, sensitivity, care and skill. I feel I am well prepared to both observe, assess and remediate clients with developmental dysfunction and difficulties. I seem to have retained more from the enjoyable discussions, moments of reflection and interactions than on any other course that I have attended.

    LS – Kingston-upon-Thames UK – March 2015

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  • I have been using RMT with Gaynor Ralls with my own son and knew I needed to learn everything I could, since as a teacher there are so many children I can help with RMT techniques.
    Janice's course in January was amazing. Great information, a great balance between practical, discussion, time to ponder on what we learnt and also examples of how the movement have been used by clients of Janice and the success that she has had I am truly inspired and excited and

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  • Client: Robert

    Dates of Sessions: First assessment session held on 16 th August 2016 after I had completed RMT 1&2. I then saw Robert three times a week at school to do his RMT with him each morning throughout Term 3 and 4. I met with Robert and his mother on 2 nd November 2016 to chat further with her about Robert and his RMT and to show her how to do the movements.

    Reported Background

    Child’s name has been changed to protect identity


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Beyond the Sea Squirt: A Journey with Reflexes

By: Moira Dempsey

Beyond the Sea Squirt is a book that highlights the importance of movement in our ability to be creative, think, solve problems, control impulses and connect to others. This is a book for those interested in RMTi and the stories of some of those who have used the program to make beneficial changes


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Movements That Heal

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  • University of Canterbury Research

    The influences of a primitive reflex integration programme within the classroom : teacher/parent perspectives and student results. Read More
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